Friday, 8 January 2010

Start...stop....start again

Morning all,

Well, what an exciting week. We opened we started, then we closed, then we opened again. I'm sure you were all "working" very hard during the two days we were closed. I'm sure there was no sledging (Miss Sims?) or snowballing (Mr Scaiff?) or building of snowmen (Mrs PW?) and you all used your time productively. And one member of staff, I shall name no names, was using a CJ Hole sign in a most inappropriate manner...

The kingdom of Yatton was covered in snow from Tuesday night, so on wednesday morning, having plundered the local Somerfield for milk, I challenged all the youngsters in the road to a snow ball fight. I won. The key point in the battle was when I was cornered on the end of Mrs Salter's drive, but managed to free my self with a double handed deluge that hit Jack (from No 4) and Josh (from No 1) square in the faces, allowing me to escape across the road and reload. It was, after all, "work".

And today, back at school, we have closely followed the prescribed curriculum ... provided of course that the prescirbed curriculum involves hot chocolate, forest walks and snowballs. (Pssssssss for those of you reading this asap, I believe Miss Parnell has issued a challenge to Mr Scaiff after a missile went astray earlier on. My money's on the tall one - height always conquers in this type of skirmish. And kids, don't gamble.)

So, with this week's planning put on hold until next week, and next week's planning not completed in the two days off, the teachers think they've got it made.

You will all be delighted to know that the inclement conditions have not prevented the weightwatchers regime from continuing in Chateaux Willis. However, low fat fajitas (I ask you) are far more enjoyable when watching the Christmas Dr Who on Sky plus (Timothy Dalton as a time lord... I'm not convinced I'm afraid. Good Bond, bad Galifrayan, that's what my nan always used to say).

So, keep warm this weekend peeps.

That is all.