Thursday, 29 March 2012

If you were me, what would you say...?

Term 4 reaches its conclusion, the Easter egg hunts have been conquered by the vainglorious (or, year 5 scabbling around on the floor) and the sun shines on the righteous.... or Southmead, as we call it. What have we learned?

- When challenged so to do, year 6 know how to show off;
- That fairgrounds come in all shapes and sizes;
- That starting a topic off on the last day of the previous term works wonders;
- That discussion, open and honest, can bring about improvement for all.

The whole fairgrounds / pirates / giants thing went down a storm, and the school is all the more colourful for the efforts of the whole team. This unseasonable weather at the deep end of the term has allowed us all to take our learning outdoors, and my how we have enjoyed it. I would just sign off this part by saying "well done everyone" - I've seen the RAG sheets, and I'm well happy.

As George said to me this afternoon - " 'Ave a nice day tomorrow...when I'm having a lie - in!". Well, on many other occassions, the wind up would have hit the spot, and I'd have been forced to mess up the spikes on his hairdooooooooooooo. As it was, he couldn't been further from the wind-up-truth: I am really looking forward to tomorrow's inset, as it is the start of a new and exciting chapter in our history - we start our work with the Children's Centre!

Not only am I really looking forward to getting to know loads of new colleagues and friends, I am also enormously excited about what we can create. Just think of it. The potential, the possibilities, the projects, the outcomes. I think it can and will be amazing.

So, if you wer eme tomorrow morning, in front of a staff that has more than doubled, what would you say? What message would you give? What points would you put across? It is something I have been thinking about for weeks, and I am really looking forward to getting this fantastic project started.

So, as we think about what to wear tomorrow (after all, it is important girlfriend) and look forward to Mr V's BBQ, have a great start to what I hope will be a cracking Easter hols, and stay safe.

For now, with great excitement about what I have to say next, that is all.

Except for

All the best Vaise - take care xxx

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Bears, giants, pirates and fairgrounds

A new smartphone app perhaps? Maybe the ingredients for a winning entry to Come Dine with Me? Or things it is unwise to sit on?

No. That's our term 4 curriculum.

Oh yes, it is. And what fun it has looked. The work around the school is so exciting, so colourful, so well presented, so crammed with learning, that I have been late for meetings, so engrossed have I been with reading things when I should have been on my way.

And these are still competing for display space with the dragons, puppets, bridges and meals we have on display from last term's learning. Can't be all bad surely? No, sir, not one iota.

So what have we learned in the last few weeks, running up to International Women's day?

We have learned that some quieter friends are now happy to speak in assembly.

Some older friends are extremely good at showing how kind they can be.

Some parents should keep their own counsel.

Some of our taller friends keep putting art in very interesting places.

Above all, we have learned that, thankfully, spring is on the way, and aren't we all delighted it is.

Advance news: coming soon - the biggest running club in the world EVER! Get your trainees out grandma: if I'm "running", then so are you.

Happy International Women's day everyone.

That, finely put, is all.