Friday, 25 September 2009

Peace makers

Blessed are the peace makers. In the week of the international day of peace, it has been a shame to have so much unhappiness. It really upsets me that people want to retaliate more than they want to co-operate. Children of all ages seem to think that agression is a way of problem solving.

Let me tell you all now people, humility solves problems. The ability to turn away and forgive solves problems. The skill of mediation solves problems. We have our mediators here, our children who try to get people at conflict to be friends. Only yesterday, a year 6 girl persuaded two boys who were having a fight to stop and walk away. She didn't do this through aggression, or violence, she did this through calm and sensitive talking. We need more.

Albert Einstein said "Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved through understanding." He was a clever bloke, and he was right. We will not have a peaceful school whilst we have those who can only use force to resolve their differences. Some people have to change. Some have to want to change.

Come one people, we have in our hands the opportunity to build a peace so strong it cannot be broken. Let's do it. For everyone.

Monday, 21 September 2009


I forgot!

Sorry Mr Vaisey - I forgot to do my blog last week, so thought I'd get one in early doors this week.

So what did we learn last week? I think we learned a few things. First of all, we learned that our school looks amazing when people try and work together. We learned that squirrels play tricks with our rubbish. We learned that the quality of year 6's work is amazing. We learned that we have some fantastic new friends in reception and nursery. And of course, we learned that its a real shame when one or two selfish people let us down.

However, my favourite part of last week was hearing the positive things our visitors had to say about how brilliant our school is looking. Let's all try and keep it that way...please.

Happy international day of peace everyone. Remember - it's peacebuilding. We can all do it!

Friday, 11 September 2009

What a way to start

Not since Savo Milosevic thundered in a 35 yard powerhouse for the Villa after 45 seconds of the 1994 league cup final has something started so well. Our praise assembly this morning, at which Mr V almost sent two Glovers into orbit, demonstrated what a good start it had been, with several children already reaching their targets.

I have loved going into all the classes this week. They have all been so bright and happy, with children and adults laughing, smiling and learning together. The work I have seen, after just 5 days, has been enormously impressive, and some of the writing has been out of this world (in one case, out of the Underworld) and the maths has been staggering.

Well done everyone - what a way to start.

This week I have learned that:

- We need 5 benches for all of year 6 in assembly;
- Year 5 are amazing writers when they put their mind to it;
- Badock's Wood children are amongst the best singers;
- Uniforms make our school look amazing;
- I am still not good at concentrating;
- That Brogan likes cake, and is good at jumping (although, I think we already knew about the cake thing).

Most of all I have learned, or re-learned, that when the children and adults of this school think about other people, and share, this place is great fun to be in.

Villa went on to beat Leeds 3-0. All down to a great start - I believe in starts me.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The Summer of zero 9

Wow, what a summer!

I hope eveyrone has has as long, as enjoyable and as refreshing a holiday as I feel I have had. It seems like almost a million years ago I was standing by the gates hugging tearful year 6s (don't worry Harry, I won't tell anyone you were crying). All joking aside, I have had a really good summer, and am now really looking forward to getting back to school and seeing everyone.

Highlights of the summer...?

My son wore a smart suit for the first time, on the very same day he learned how to rugby tackle in the car park next to the wedding. Mum was cross, but Dad knows a budding back row forward when he sees one.

My daughter has learned to talk, and has developed the annoying habit of putter a lengthy "Ermmm..." at the beginning of each sentence. Thus:

Me: Thea, would you like Bran flakes for breakfast?

Thea: Ermmm... Yes please

Me: Thea, could you please tidy the playroom?

Thea: Ermmm... No thank you.

Trust me, it isn't funny at all.

For her birthday, my wife was bought a game called Viking Kubb, which involved throwing sticks at other sticks. It's great fun, especially on a packed beach in Tenby.

I have read lots of books, listened to lots of music, watched the Godfather trilogy for the first time (it will not be going into my favourites list), thanked whatever diety who watches over sport that the football season has started again, and been overjoyed that the end of the holiday brings out a new Kate Walsh album - always a good day for me.

I am really looking forward to seeing everyone again, and having an even more successful year next year.

See you soon all. Hope you like all your new stuff!