Friday, 25 September 2009

Peace makers

Blessed are the peace makers. In the week of the international day of peace, it has been a shame to have so much unhappiness. It really upsets me that people want to retaliate more than they want to co-operate. Children of all ages seem to think that agression is a way of problem solving.

Let me tell you all now people, humility solves problems. The ability to turn away and forgive solves problems. The skill of mediation solves problems. We have our mediators here, our children who try to get people at conflict to be friends. Only yesterday, a year 6 girl persuaded two boys who were having a fight to stop and walk away. She didn't do this through aggression, or violence, she did this through calm and sensitive talking. We need more.

Albert Einstein said "Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved through understanding." He was a clever bloke, and he was right. We will not have a peaceful school whilst we have those who can only use force to resolve their differences. Some people have to change. Some have to want to change.

Come one people, we have in our hands the opportunity to build a peace so strong it cannot be broken. Let's do it. For everyone.