Friday, 11 September 2009

What a way to start

Not since Savo Milosevic thundered in a 35 yard powerhouse for the Villa after 45 seconds of the 1994 league cup final has something started so well. Our praise assembly this morning, at which Mr V almost sent two Glovers into orbit, demonstrated what a good start it had been, with several children already reaching their targets.

I have loved going into all the classes this week. They have all been so bright and happy, with children and adults laughing, smiling and learning together. The work I have seen, after just 5 days, has been enormously impressive, and some of the writing has been out of this world (in one case, out of the Underworld) and the maths has been staggering.

Well done everyone - what a way to start.

This week I have learned that:

- We need 5 benches for all of year 6 in assembly;
- Year 5 are amazing writers when they put their mind to it;
- Badock's Wood children are amongst the best singers;
- Uniforms make our school look amazing;
- I am still not good at concentrating;
- That Brogan likes cake, and is good at jumping (although, I think we already knew about the cake thing).

Most of all I have learned, or re-learned, that when the children and adults of this school think about other people, and share, this place is great fun to be in.

Villa went on to beat Leeds 3-0. All down to a great start - I believe in starts me.