Friday, 18 December 2009

So here it is..

... Merry Christmas everyone.

Stay safe. Keep your special people safe.

Peace and love to you all. May whichever God you pray to watch over you and yours.


Friday, 11 December 2009

She specifically said.........

...................."hmmm, interesting..." in that way that made it sound as if it was all a bit weird. My blog, a bit weird? Surely she was joking, or being ironic. Since when have I done anything that's a bit weird?

Anyway, Christmas productions are in full swing, and the ones I have seen so far have been awesome. Everyone is talking about the robins in reception, and the year 2 trees.

If you have time, and are unbelievably sad like me, trawl the internet for "the book of love" by Peter Gabriel. A beautiful piece of music and no mistake. And whilst we speak of music, you may recall I blogged some time ago about a band called the Invisible who no-one had heard of. And who has just won the best iTunes album of the year award... hmmm, interesting.

So, in a week when advent calendars are looking half full / empty, and the school has received lots of positive praise from visitors, what have we learned:

Year 2 can sing. Very well.

Reception children can dance. Extremely well.

I cannot dress Christmas trees. Particularly well.

The new version of A Christmas Carol is awesome. Very scary as well.

And, if Peter Gabriel is to be believed:

"It's full of charts, and facts and figures, and instructions for dancing".

Have a good final week everyone. Slade, Wizzard, Elton, Jona? Your favourite this year? How about John and Yoko, and a song of peace and caring. Works for me.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Proper sized wham bars

Miss Parnell had a fair point mind: drumstick lollies have shrunk. And don't get Mr Scaiff and I started on Wham bars. They have just got smaller, they've imploded. We used to think it was 10 pence ill spent if it didn't dislocate your jaw after a game of rugby. Usually against the local grammar school, where wham bars had been outlawed for not wearing a tie to breakfast.

Anyway, I digress...

This week, I have learnt:

Writing the SEF is tough for me, but even more tough for Mrs Ford (Thank you Miss)

That I am still useless at writing policies

That Christmas songs on Sky TV in November are too early, even for me

That sometimes the horrible decision is the right one to make, and that I'd rather live with that than the consequences of doing nothing

Not everyone likes a Paul McCartney song all the time

That some year 5 pupils are brilliant at being independent, some are, well, not...

Year 6 love history

The world seems a better place when the backing paper order arrives from consortium.

Too many year 2 boys love toilets

That there's more than one way to poach chicken

A useful week, I hear you thinking. Oh yes, yes indeed.

Thank you. That is all

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Raindrops on Snotty noses ...

I cannot believe how ludicrous I sound with a snotty nose. I had to do remembrance assembly, which I try to treat with great solemnity and dignity, sounding like I was talking through a funnel. And an ugly, unwashed and loved funnel at that.

This week, I have remembered that I love Emma Pollock in my iTunes, and Empire of the sun, but not Emmy the great who comes in between. No no, not at all.

Weightwatchers is about to cause a monumental ruck in this house. After this evening's offering of coriander chicken noodles, I had the cheek, the barefaced, chubby cheek to mention that I was still hungry. Oh well, she'll talk to me again ... one day. Never mind, she's gone out now, and I intend to make myself Ikea meatballs, pasta and sauce. So there.

Anyway, can I say that I got the Booker prize winning novel as a prezzie - Wolf Hall - and it is awesome. May well have to amend me fave books list.

Brogan, your spelling list is as follows:

Gabriel Agbonlahor
Stephen Warnock
James Milner

10 / 10 please Brogs.

Finally, as a dedicated educational professional, I regret to inform that, after the hedonistic cocktail of prescription pharmuaceuticals my wife has made me take have done nothing for me, I have moved on to self prescribed medicine. It's 568 ml of black stuff with a white top, applied regularly.

PS - Watched Gone with the Wind for the first time at half term. Not as good as sound of music.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Amber is the new green

It is. Honestly.

This week the staff and I have had a long talk about homework. Or, to be more precise, talked about long homework. Oh dear oh dear...

Anyway, what have we learned this week.

That Mr Vaisey is getting a taste for displays on a large scale.

That when there's no argument, there is just that.

That Mrs Stringer and a piano are far, far more harvest-y than me and a guitar.

That some of the children's blogs on the website are awesome!

That the bar isn't going to be lowered. Nor, thankfully, closed.

That the PCSOs and I make a brilliant three aside team.

That I have neglected the Kings of Convenience for far too long.

Anyway, time to go. Good luck to the Badock's Barbarians playing in the rugby tournament on Sunday - I'm looking forward to watching you all. (Let's all pray for no rain - either way, my daughter will try and eat the ball, several tags and at least four bibs.)

And I agree, there is nothing like the sight of jet planes meeting in the air to be refuelled that makes me think - "A ha, Harvest is here!"

Have a great weekend peeps.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Double Bubble

First of all, sorry peeps - last week's blog got messed up with following a few items on ebay, downloading from itunes and emailing Miss Leakey. In short, I forgot, but then, I am short. And, right at this moment, in shorts.

Anyway, as I am just about to have tea, and then embark on an evening of strategic planning and report writing that could push back the boundaries of pedagogy, I thought I'd best catch up. This week I have learned:

that the staff find me intuitive and Mrs PW approachable (I think that means that I think too much and she's cuddly)(!)(?!)

that I need to crack down on this unacceptable behaviour, and now

that I don't look forward to days when I have to interview new teachers, but do enjoy working with them once they're here

that key stage 2 don't like it when their teachers aren't here

that Thursday afternoon flapjack at Engineer's house is far better than I first thought (but no, staff, I will not say the general grub there is okay)

that the Villa's new defence might just do the trick (see Dad, I told you Collins was a good buy)

above all, I cannot keep working until 11.00 in the evening. Mrs PW should stop it too, so should the other teachers.

At a meeting on Wednesday afternoon, I learned that some men will use anything as an excuse to turn a blind eye, that some men confuse saving face with good husbandry, and that for some, ignorance is bliss. To all womankind, on behalf of any of my brethren who at least try, I'm sorry.

Who wants to hear a joke to lighten the mood?

What's red and invisible?

---> This tomato!

Yes it is funny year 5!

Let's start keeping the noise down people. And let's all leave on Friday with a smile, for ourselves and one another.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Peace makers

Blessed are the peace makers. In the week of the international day of peace, it has been a shame to have so much unhappiness. It really upsets me that people want to retaliate more than they want to co-operate. Children of all ages seem to think that agression is a way of problem solving.

Let me tell you all now people, humility solves problems. The ability to turn away and forgive solves problems. The skill of mediation solves problems. We have our mediators here, our children who try to get people at conflict to be friends. Only yesterday, a year 6 girl persuaded two boys who were having a fight to stop and walk away. She didn't do this through aggression, or violence, she did this through calm and sensitive talking. We need more.

Albert Einstein said "Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved through understanding." He was a clever bloke, and he was right. We will not have a peaceful school whilst we have those who can only use force to resolve their differences. Some people have to change. Some have to want to change.

Come one people, we have in our hands the opportunity to build a peace so strong it cannot be broken. Let's do it. For everyone.

Monday, 21 September 2009


I forgot!

Sorry Mr Vaisey - I forgot to do my blog last week, so thought I'd get one in early doors this week.

So what did we learn last week? I think we learned a few things. First of all, we learned that our school looks amazing when people try and work together. We learned that squirrels play tricks with our rubbish. We learned that the quality of year 6's work is amazing. We learned that we have some fantastic new friends in reception and nursery. And of course, we learned that its a real shame when one or two selfish people let us down.

However, my favourite part of last week was hearing the positive things our visitors had to say about how brilliant our school is looking. Let's all try and keep it that way...please.

Happy international day of peace everyone. Remember - it's peacebuilding. We can all do it!

Friday, 11 September 2009

What a way to start

Not since Savo Milosevic thundered in a 35 yard powerhouse for the Villa after 45 seconds of the 1994 league cup final has something started so well. Our praise assembly this morning, at which Mr V almost sent two Glovers into orbit, demonstrated what a good start it had been, with several children already reaching their targets.

I have loved going into all the classes this week. They have all been so bright and happy, with children and adults laughing, smiling and learning together. The work I have seen, after just 5 days, has been enormously impressive, and some of the writing has been out of this world (in one case, out of the Underworld) and the maths has been staggering.

Well done everyone - what a way to start.

This week I have learned that:

- We need 5 benches for all of year 6 in assembly;
- Year 5 are amazing writers when they put their mind to it;
- Badock's Wood children are amongst the best singers;
- Uniforms make our school look amazing;
- I am still not good at concentrating;
- That Brogan likes cake, and is good at jumping (although, I think we already knew about the cake thing).

Most of all I have learned, or re-learned, that when the children and adults of this school think about other people, and share, this place is great fun to be in.

Villa went on to beat Leeds 3-0. All down to a great start - I believe in starts me.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The Summer of zero 9

Wow, what a summer!

I hope eveyrone has has as long, as enjoyable and as refreshing a holiday as I feel I have had. It seems like almost a million years ago I was standing by the gates hugging tearful year 6s (don't worry Harry, I won't tell anyone you were crying). All joking aside, I have had a really good summer, and am now really looking forward to getting back to school and seeing everyone.

Highlights of the summer...?

My son wore a smart suit for the first time, on the very same day he learned how to rugby tackle in the car park next to the wedding. Mum was cross, but Dad knows a budding back row forward when he sees one.

My daughter has learned to talk, and has developed the annoying habit of putter a lengthy "Ermmm..." at the beginning of each sentence. Thus:

Me: Thea, would you like Bran flakes for breakfast?

Thea: Ermmm... Yes please

Me: Thea, could you please tidy the playroom?

Thea: Ermmm... No thank you.

Trust me, it isn't funny at all.

For her birthday, my wife was bought a game called Viking Kubb, which involved throwing sticks at other sticks. It's great fun, especially on a packed beach in Tenby.

I have read lots of books, listened to lots of music, watched the Godfather trilogy for the first time (it will not be going into my favourites list), thanked whatever diety who watches over sport that the football season has started again, and been overjoyed that the end of the holiday brings out a new Kate Walsh album - always a good day for me.

I am really looking forward to seeing everyone again, and having an even more successful year next year.

See you soon all. Hope you like all your new stuff!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

A blog in the life...

Mr Vaisey knows when to catch me off my guard.

You all think "Oh, that nice Mr Vaisey. He's so quiet and nice, he can't do anything wrong." However, he crept up on me when I was at my most vulnerable - when sat at my desk eating - and he whispered to me "You won't mind doing a blog will you?" before he pegged it down the corridor. So now, I have to have a go at this blogging stuff.

So, what have I learned during the last few weeks?

That I get very tired and grumpy when reading and commenting on three hundred reports, but have to smile at how good they all were.

That I don't like it when year 5 are unpleasant to each other, to other people, and when they use bad language.

That social workers don't like it when I write nasty letters.

That social workers like it when I write nasty letters about other people.

That I'm good at writing nasty letters.

That Ruben can count to 87, before asking for another packet of hula hoops.

Mostly, I have learned that the end of the school year has always been chaotic, will always be chaotic, and despite what we do to change this, we only make it more chaotic.

And never let Mr Vaisey creep up on you.