Tuesday, 14 July 2009

A blog in the life...

Mr Vaisey knows when to catch me off my guard.

You all think "Oh, that nice Mr Vaisey. He's so quiet and nice, he can't do anything wrong." However, he crept up on me when I was at my most vulnerable - when sat at my desk eating - and he whispered to me "You won't mind doing a blog will you?" before he pegged it down the corridor. So now, I have to have a go at this blogging stuff.

So, what have I learned during the last few weeks?

That I get very tired and grumpy when reading and commenting on three hundred reports, but have to smile at how good they all were.

That I don't like it when year 5 are unpleasant to each other, to other people, and when they use bad language.

That social workers don't like it when I write nasty letters.

That social workers like it when I write nasty letters about other people.

That I'm good at writing nasty letters.

That Ruben can count to 87, before asking for another packet of hula hoops.

Mostly, I have learned that the end of the school year has always been chaotic, will always be chaotic, and despite what we do to change this, we only make it more chaotic.

And never let Mr Vaisey creep up on you.