Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The Summer of zero 9

Wow, what a summer!

I hope eveyrone has has as long, as enjoyable and as refreshing a holiday as I feel I have had. It seems like almost a million years ago I was standing by the gates hugging tearful year 6s (don't worry Harry, I won't tell anyone you were crying). All joking aside, I have had a really good summer, and am now really looking forward to getting back to school and seeing everyone.

Highlights of the summer...?

My son wore a smart suit for the first time, on the very same day he learned how to rugby tackle in the car park next to the wedding. Mum was cross, but Dad knows a budding back row forward when he sees one.

My daughter has learned to talk, and has developed the annoying habit of putter a lengthy "Ermmm..." at the beginning of each sentence. Thus:

Me: Thea, would you like Bran flakes for breakfast?

Thea: Ermmm... Yes please

Me: Thea, could you please tidy the playroom?

Thea: Ermmm... No thank you.

Trust me, it isn't funny at all.

For her birthday, my wife was bought a game called Viking Kubb, which involved throwing sticks at other sticks. It's great fun, especially on a packed beach in Tenby.

I have read lots of books, listened to lots of music, watched the Godfather trilogy for the first time (it will not be going into my favourites list), thanked whatever diety who watches over sport that the football season has started again, and been overjoyed that the end of the holiday brings out a new Kate Walsh album - always a good day for me.

I am really looking forward to seeing everyone again, and having an even more successful year next year.

See you soon all. Hope you like all your new stuff!