Thursday, 8 October 2009

Double Bubble

First of all, sorry peeps - last week's blog got messed up with following a few items on ebay, downloading from itunes and emailing Miss Leakey. In short, I forgot, but then, I am short. And, right at this moment, in shorts.

Anyway, as I am just about to have tea, and then embark on an evening of strategic planning and report writing that could push back the boundaries of pedagogy, I thought I'd best catch up. This week I have learned:

that the staff find me intuitive and Mrs PW approachable (I think that means that I think too much and she's cuddly)(!)(?!)

that I need to crack down on this unacceptable behaviour, and now

that I don't look forward to days when I have to interview new teachers, but do enjoy working with them once they're here

that key stage 2 don't like it when their teachers aren't here

that Thursday afternoon flapjack at Engineer's house is far better than I first thought (but no, staff, I will not say the general grub there is okay)

that the Villa's new defence might just do the trick (see Dad, I told you Collins was a good buy)

above all, I cannot keep working until 11.00 in the evening. Mrs PW should stop it too, so should the other teachers.

At a meeting on Wednesday afternoon, I learned that some men will use anything as an excuse to turn a blind eye, that some men confuse saving face with good husbandry, and that for some, ignorance is bliss. To all womankind, on behalf of any of my brethren who at least try, I'm sorry.

Who wants to hear a joke to lighten the mood?

What's red and invisible?

---> This tomato!

Yes it is funny year 5!

Let's start keeping the noise down people. And let's all leave on Friday with a smile, for ourselves and one another.