Thursday, 15 October 2009

Amber is the new green

It is. Honestly.

This week the staff and I have had a long talk about homework. Or, to be more precise, talked about long homework. Oh dear oh dear...

Anyway, what have we learned this week.

That Mr Vaisey is getting a taste for displays on a large scale.

That when there's no argument, there is just that.

That Mrs Stringer and a piano are far, far more harvest-y than me and a guitar.

That some of the children's blogs on the website are awesome!

That the bar isn't going to be lowered. Nor, thankfully, closed.

That the PCSOs and I make a brilliant three aside team.

That I have neglected the Kings of Convenience for far too long.

Anyway, time to go. Good luck to the Badock's Barbarians playing in the rugby tournament on Sunday - I'm looking forward to watching you all. (Let's all pray for no rain - either way, my daughter will try and eat the ball, several tags and at least four bibs.)

And I agree, there is nothing like the sight of jet planes meeting in the air to be refuelled that makes me think - "A ha, Harvest is here!"

Have a great weekend peeps.