Thursday, 12 November 2009

Raindrops on Snotty noses ...

I cannot believe how ludicrous I sound with a snotty nose. I had to do remembrance assembly, which I try to treat with great solemnity and dignity, sounding like I was talking through a funnel. And an ugly, unwashed and loved funnel at that.

This week, I have remembered that I love Emma Pollock in my iTunes, and Empire of the sun, but not Emmy the great who comes in between. No no, not at all.

Weightwatchers is about to cause a monumental ruck in this house. After this evening's offering of coriander chicken noodles, I had the cheek, the barefaced, chubby cheek to mention that I was still hungry. Oh well, she'll talk to me again ... one day. Never mind, she's gone out now, and I intend to make myself Ikea meatballs, pasta and sauce. So there.

Anyway, can I say that I got the Booker prize winning novel as a prezzie - Wolf Hall - and it is awesome. May well have to amend me fave books list.

Brogan, your spelling list is as follows:

Gabriel Agbonlahor
Stephen Warnock
James Milner

10 / 10 please Brogs.

Finally, as a dedicated educational professional, I regret to inform that, after the hedonistic cocktail of prescription pharmuaceuticals my wife has made me take have done nothing for me, I have moved on to self prescribed medicine. It's 568 ml of black stuff with a white top, applied regularly.

PS - Watched Gone with the Wind for the first time at half term. Not as good as sound of music.