Thursday, 26 November 2009

Proper sized wham bars

Miss Parnell had a fair point mind: drumstick lollies have shrunk. And don't get Mr Scaiff and I started on Wham bars. They have just got smaller, they've imploded. We used to think it was 10 pence ill spent if it didn't dislocate your jaw after a game of rugby. Usually against the local grammar school, where wham bars had been outlawed for not wearing a tie to breakfast.

Anyway, I digress...

This week, I have learnt:

Writing the SEF is tough for me, but even more tough for Mrs Ford (Thank you Miss)

That I am still useless at writing policies

That Christmas songs on Sky TV in November are too early, even for me

That sometimes the horrible decision is the right one to make, and that I'd rather live with that than the consequences of doing nothing

Not everyone likes a Paul McCartney song all the time

That some year 5 pupils are brilliant at being independent, some are, well, not...

Year 6 love history

The world seems a better place when the backing paper order arrives from consortium.

Too many year 2 boys love toilets

That there's more than one way to poach chicken

A useful week, I hear you thinking. Oh yes, yes indeed.

Thank you. That is all