Friday, 11 December 2009

She specifically said.........

...................."hmmm, interesting..." in that way that made it sound as if it was all a bit weird. My blog, a bit weird? Surely she was joking, or being ironic. Since when have I done anything that's a bit weird?

Anyway, Christmas productions are in full swing, and the ones I have seen so far have been awesome. Everyone is talking about the robins in reception, and the year 2 trees.

If you have time, and are unbelievably sad like me, trawl the internet for "the book of love" by Peter Gabriel. A beautiful piece of music and no mistake. And whilst we speak of music, you may recall I blogged some time ago about a band called the Invisible who no-one had heard of. And who has just won the best iTunes album of the year award... hmmm, interesting.

So, in a week when advent calendars are looking half full / empty, and the school has received lots of positive praise from visitors, what have we learned:

Year 2 can sing. Very well.

Reception children can dance. Extremely well.

I cannot dress Christmas trees. Particularly well.

The new version of A Christmas Carol is awesome. Very scary as well.

And, if Peter Gabriel is to be believed:

"It's full of charts, and facts and figures, and instructions for dancing".

Have a good final week everyone. Slade, Wizzard, Elton, Jona? Your favourite this year? How about John and Yoko, and a song of peace and caring. Works for me.