Thursday, 16 September 2010

Trying, full marks for not...

Greetings blogosphere.

I met with a number of Bristol heads today who were telling me about their school. I was pleased to see many of them, as I now enter my third full year in Bristol, some of them are becoming friends. However, the main point for me today was how proud I am of what we are achieving every day. Not only was yesterday's singing sensational, a visitor (quite rightly) commented on how good the uniform was, and how smart everyone was. What pleasing news. No other heads, however, are following my three piece suit trend. This is, we are agreed, good news. And key stage 2's books, as I discovered at home this evening, are very pleasing.

In a week where Thea's main learning point was a trip to the village roadworks, and Ruben received a certificate for dance (he gets it from his father - background in choreography can't you tell?), what exactly have we learned.

  • Year 5 should know by now that Mr Grierson's standards are high, and I will only accept good behaviour.
  • Year 4 can write. And write. And write.
  • So can year 6.
  • Year 1 and 2 really love the rainbow room.
  • Our new reception and nursery friends are amazing - its like they've been with us for ever.
  • Year 3, when in the correct learning mood, can really work.
  • It was my guitar out of tune, not his. And mine wasn't even artfully out of tune. It was, quite simply, a deaf woman in her 90s with no ears at all who hasn't heard physical sounds for several decades. Other than that it was okay...

So, before I go off to rehearse my "Dance like Baiomar" moves on the Wii, I should say that we have officially decided we are pleased with Monsieur Houllier. And my star board is the business.

That is all.