Thursday, 7 October 2010

"You'll never guess who's on the phone..."

So, that was a week, wasn't it?

As more and more staff bid against each other on eBay for ukuleles, and lose to year 6, we have the closing stages of a positive week for the future of Badock's Wood. What have we learned then, in this week...

That, at last, at long long last, we have collectively worked out how to stand up to scrutiny

That year 6 really do love a uke

So do the staff

That year 5 still can't work out the difference between bad decisions and decisions that never had to be made

That year 2 can use a trip to the woods to produce some amazing writing

That Mr V can make soup, but cannot thread a needle, nor form a 'G' (but diesel for lunch?)

That Mr Scaiff has a strange upside down thing going on.

What we have yet to discover is if they sell certain musical instruments west of the bridge. We shall see.

That is all

PS Thank you staff. You were awesome. Thank you kids. You were pretty awesome too.