Thursday, 15 September 2011

Pixie magic?

"And now ladies and gentleman, live, all the way from sunny Yatton, please give a warm Badock's Wood welcome, as he heads into another year of pointless and, frankly, odd electronic meanderinds; its the one, the only, the thankfully unique Mr Zak Willis!"


He comes in, stage left, wearing an immaculate three piece suit and some pink / purple combo that belongs on a cruise liner rep, and gives the crowd a wave, for which they go wild.

More applause.

He waves to the crowd at the back, then cups his hand to his ears to hear them scream. He waves his appreciation. This boy sure can work a crowd.

Applause looks like it will continue, therefore with a final flourish he begs for calm. The crowd calms, awaiting the next utterances of idiocy. A hush desends, as mass acknowledgement is realised. They have indeed, irrevocably, entered

the blog...

Friends, parents, carers, colleagues, governors, wellwishers and stakeholders, welcome back to another school year. Summer, which seemed to last for a year, is now a distant memory, and few of us fear we will ever be warm again. However, let that not detract from a start - a fine, fine start - to a year of great promise. Books are already bursting with work, displays appear mysteriously almost on the hour, uniform is the best I have ever seen, and ... there's a certain something else.


Erm ...

Can't ... quite ... put me finger on it...

GADZOOKS! That's it! I knew I'd see it again some time soon.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, is smiling. I have been in work every morning this week early, partially because the mother-in-law has taken up residence of the spare room, but mostly because it is a pleasure at the moment to be here and see people smiling. I arrive early - but still after the other staff - and watch them working and joking together. I go onto the playground and see people of all ages sharing jokes and fun - in some cases this week in the most appalling weather conditions - and then I walk around each day watching, with enormous joy and pride, classes enjoying their work.

If I were a clever bloke, I'd try to put it into words.

It would be something like... aspire... achieve...enjoy.

Fitting. I like it.

Have a brilliant year everyone.

That is all.

It's good to be back.

All. Completely. Honestly.