Thursday, 13 October 2011

Jockey Wilson said ...

Some truths are irrefutable. You play well, you win. You play badly, you lose. Act like an idiot, people call you one. As the Olympics near, shall we make "not behaving like a toenail" our national sport?

So, as we hurtle at considerable speed towards the final week of term 1, what have we learned, and what should we celebrate?

We have learned that:

- Mr Davies doesn't like an art project unless its massive;
- Year 1 like numicon. A lot. Really, really a lot;
- Crickets' ears are on their legs (at least, that's what I think I overheard);
- Some adults don't listen to important messages;
- Nacny D'ell Olio is as daft as she appears;
- Miss Dark and Miss Norman have hidden talents;
- Year 6 can write extremely well when they put their mind to it;
- Year 4 can write for Britain, and write well;
- Year 2 can use 4 digit numbers, dead easy, without taking off their shoes and socks.

That and much besides. So, what should we hold up as exemplary? What should we hail as the true way? What is truly praise worthy?

- Key Stage 2 attendance - 96.9% for September;
- All our category A behaviour pupils, e.g., Holly Hulin, Emily Rustill, Logan Prince, Kessie Jones, Callum Searle, and a thousand others (well, about 180);
- The work I got to show off to our visitor on Wednesday (now that was awesome);
- (Never thought I'd type these words) Wales' performance;
- How cool our new reception class are;
- How amazing our Polish gang have become in a very short space of time.

A successful term 1? Why yes, in all the obvious important ways, such as the progress, the leaching and learning, the environment, and the 100 un-noticable but extremely important ways, such as how helpful people have been, how much people have been smiling, how much energy and effort people have put in to good habits, such as turning up on time, saying sorry, working at home. Let me count the ways...

Let's keep it going.

(Again, never thought I'd type the words, but here we go) COME ON WALES! No irony intended, I would very much like to see you in the final. Go for it.

That is all.