Tuesday, 17 July 2012

This is our quest...

As we head into the final throes of 2011-12, I am put in mind of the lyrics of The Impossible Dream, known by my generation as an anthem almost utterly murdered by Carter.  However, it is still a late-on-a-Friday-night favourite, and the lyrics, with just the merest of tweaking, suddenly sound rather apt.  When I laid out my plans for the School Improvement Plan at SLT in early summer 2011, they all looked at me with a searching look (i.e., they all started looking for my common sense).  When I started talking about the children’s centre project, people looked at me as if I were inviting IBS.  To me, it is and has always seemed, just the right thing to try to do. 

Therefore, going even further beyond the pale of the mighty Carter, I offer you a slightly alternative, self-indulgent version. 

To dream the impossible dream
To reach for a target so high
To bear with a dignified quiet
Those moments when apathets sigh
To improve on what’s already good
And observe, pure and chaste from afar
To strive on a cold Tuesday evening
To reach the unreachable star
This is my quest - To strive for that star
To prove only the narrowest of minds Prevent raising the bar
To stand up for what’s right Without pausing to see
If it’s realistic to strive for your FFT D
And I know if I'll only be true
To what I always knew to be best
That my heart will lie peaceful and calm
When I'm laid to my rest
So, just to recap in laymen’s terms:
EYFS results still on the up
Key Stage1 results on the up
Key stage 2 results way, way, way up
Provision up, and still going…
Attendance up

With all the success we’ve had this year, it is difficult not to be proud.  However, there are now several more ticks on my to-do list, bringing me closer to a leaving date.  That, however, is another story, and another song.  (For some staff, my leaving will probably be accompanied by Russ Abbot’s “Party”.) 

I shall conclude simply thus:

“Thank You”
For working late into the night on amazing planning, or quality assessment, or stunning displays, or that piece of maths work you’ve hated all week, or keeping your uniform neat and smart all year, or taking those reading books home, for bringing in all those letters, for running in with those packed lunches at the last moment, for staying at that governors meeting late into the night, for making that awkward phonecall, for smiling in the playground, for being one of the thousand citizens who works silently and diligently to make this place the special place it is every single day – to every single one of you, thank you.

Have a great summer.

From a proud head’s desk, that is all…for now.

PS In non-laymen’s terms: FFT D across the board, and APS averaging 3.8+ throughout.  Not bad eh?  That is definitely not all.