Thursday, 4 October 2012

On the button...all 9 of them

September has now vanished - how? - and we are into the cold, wet nights of October.  Despite the cold exterior, we are all basking in the glow of a warm interior (which includes - read below - expeditions into the exterior) made sultry and balmy by the hyper productivity of our amazing cohort.  Once again, I have been blown away by the wonderful learning projects that seem to take place right from the sunflower room in the children's centre to the year 6 class.

To sum up, here's a riddle for you.

Where can you find, all in one afternoon:

 - Spanish tuition in line with a tapas exposition?
 - Rocket building on a par with NASA?
 - Cricket to rival anything seen (by men) in Sri Lanka?
 - Writing to make Dickens say "What the Dickens?!?"
 - A version of the the three little pigs more similar in size to War and Peace?
 - A drainage system to make the Hoover dam weep?
 - Sweet - based experiments that would have Willy Wonka in paroxysms of apoplectic joy?
 - A woodland expedition that would make Ranulph Fienes run home to hide under his bed?

Well, take a guess.

Still no idea?

Here's a clue: rhymes with Fay - Locks - Should.

Answers on a postcard chums.

Stay warm.

That is all.