Thursday, 24 January 2013

Emperor's new groove

Like a new sweater - not quite like your old favourite, but rather novel and cool, and without the comforting but slightly embarrassing holes under the arms - this blog should find you glancing in astonishment at our NEW WEBSITE!

Rather cool, is it not?  Rather dashing.  Rather splendidly teeming with... elan. Panache.  Rather.... wonderful.

Or, as year 4 would say, "Sic, innit?"

Yes, our new website is already the talk of other educational establishments.  Where we lead, others follow. Where we plant our flag, others try and build their sandcastle.  Where we commission websites, other people say, "Yes, we rather like that.  Any chance we could have one?"

I could regale you with tales of my January, my ever present seat on the CAF panel, or my walk from Yatton on snow day (honest!).  However, I know you're itching to go off and peruse all our new shiny stuff.  So, go on.  Off you go.  Be back in time for your tea.  Just remember -

That is all.