Thursday, 24 October 2013

I can see a ...

Rarely do terms go so well after such a massive staffing change.  There are always a dip in standards, communication issues, nervous people, and that odd someone who just doesn't quite get it.  No such issues here Sir.  We have continued seamlessly on, making sure we aspire-achieve-enjoy every day.

Actually, terms often go well, but first terms, well they are a different beast.  I may have written a blog at some time in the past about Septembers, and one of the issues I have about Septembers is that schools generally don't do honeymoon periods very well.  Either everything is rosy, and leads to a massive crash, or people take too long to get started and it's carol singing before you know it.

In fact, I would suggest that the success of term 1 has been almost exclusively attributable to three factors.  First, the efforts put into the school environment before it was unveiled.  Two, the creativity of the teachers and practitioners within the school, and the inventive ways they have provided learning opportunities.  Thirdly, but utterly invaluable, has been the almost insatiable appetite of our children for learning.

Now, I'm not saying these are the only factors.  There are others to add, such as the great support offered by our parents, and the amazing uniform standards maintained throughout the term.  There has also been the school's strange addiction to the songs of David Bowie.  But I feel that's another blog.

Briefly, I was concerned.  Could we really maintain our own crippling high standards?  Could we really push our outcomes even further?  Those worries soon disappeared.  From the first assembly with our wonderful year 6 (cool as cucumbers) , through our new reception children's induction (smooth as silk) all the way to our amazing harvest festival (as generous as.... I don't have one for generosity; maybe it shound be "as generous as the community of Southmead") staff and children have convinced me with ease that we are set up for another successful year, and more.

Our school, caterpillar like once again, goes through another regeneration, another metamorphosis, and comes out of the other pupae end a beautiful, winged creature of learning and achievement.  I'm just the lucky one who gets to watch it happening.

What will term 2 bring?  I am genuinely looking forward to finding out.  Have a wonderful break everyone.  Until we fly and share the skies once more, that is all.