Monday, 20 June 2016

2016 - Day 1 in the Big Exmouth House. It's all in a word

So, day one is over, the animals are caged for the day, and we are left looking back on what has been an extremely enjoyable day one.  There are two or three things that have struck us repeatedly as we have embarked on this year's adventure: firstly, how smoothly everything has gone, from the packing of the coach, to the journey, to the walk up to camp, to the ... you get the picture.  Everything has just been fun, and the children have responded to everything magnificently.  Despite the fact that many of them were soaked to the bone (see below), two people commented on our children' positive behaviour as the strode along the sea front.

Secondly, and you all know how important this is to me, the words that have littered and literally enhanced the day.  "Thanks" has been a common one.  "Mate" has also been on constant usage, especially when saying hello to our new friends from St Werburghs.  But there have also been  a few which have just reminded us how special this event truly is.

One of them was "wow", repeatedly used during our beach trip today.  Mind you, the phrase "that's freezing!" was also in constant usage.  But that's partially the point; as I said to the children one of the big things about camp is that you get to do things you wouldn't even normally think about, such as run fully clothed into the sea at 4.00 on a Monday.

As a result, squelch is a word, and indeed sound, that has provided much of the day's soundtrack.

Zig zags.  Those words get used far too often in this week.  Regrettably, Exmouth town council has not as yet seen fit to act on my suggestions containing the words "stanna" and "stairlift".

Blue is a word we have used a lot today.  We arrived here seeking it intently in the sky, and then celebrating it when it did arrive, bringing a gorgeous afternoon and evening for us to start our week with.

Veteran, I was called at one point, in front of a lot of staff for whom this is a maiden voyage.  I took it with the good grace and nature with which it was offered, another moment in our school year where I am considered the elder statesmen.

So all in all, a great start.  Parents and carers scouring this will want to know the basics - we're here,, we're safe, we're well fed; be assured all is well.  But allow me to finish with one final example of how words improve our day.  I said to one of our first time students, who has been so excited about this trip it is amazing she hasn't exploded, "Is it everything you thought it would be?"

So thought about it, as she does, put her head to on side and replied.  "Almost".

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"It's even more beautiful than I thought."

For day one, I truly think that is all.