Thursday, 25 March 2010

most humble and abject ...

... apologies for the length of time between blogs. I had forgotten - simply - that it was part of my Thursday night routine until far too late.

Nevertheless, here am I. New glasses (well done Lewis, the only one to spot them) hair (everyone's spotted that - even me own Mum lost me in the supermarket last week, first time since 1984) and a carling Cup runners up medal to show.

Anyway, what have I learned since the lost toe-tipping into the blogosphere...

  • year 5 are no good at looking after books;
  • bolognese should never be tampered with;
  • all children should still maintain their best work even if it is not their own teacher in class;
  • that my ukelele is really easy to fix if the tuning pegs keep slipping;
  • that year 5 like my car, but not Mr Scaiff's;
  • that Miss Lane likes my car, even though we only ever take the same short journey in it;
  • that adults, like children, sometimes shy away from the truth;

I venture back to the land of my birth this weekend. Is this wise I hear you ask. To be honest, ever since I planned the trip, I have had my doubts. However, I will spend an evening jamming with Jos, which is always worthwhile. I can give him that awful mandolin back.

Come on the villa.

That is all.