Thursday, 25 February 2010

Is it good enough?

A question I have asked the staff to ask this question repeatedly. We all have to ask ourselves this. I have asked myself this question over and over again over a long, enjoyable, work and extra-snacked fuelled half term. Is it good enough? Is that piece of work good enough? Is your behaviour good enough? Is your attitude or attendance good enough?

Believe you me, when staff's work this week has been lacking, the same question has been asked - is that really truly good enough? As good as you can do? As good as our children deserve? As good as Southmead can get? Deserve? Give? You're going to get bored of me asking the question, but ask it I shall, and, at the risk of going a bit Yoda, challenge it I will, and ask for more shall I.

What have I learned this week?

That good organisation breeds good learning.

That failure to include is an excuse to fail.

That blaming others where your own faults lie is an excuse to fail.

That even in the bleakest moment, determination is a chance to excel.

That we will be inspected before the summer.

That good poetry is faultless.
That bad poetry is fairly faultless too.

And so, before I say "COME ON YOU VILLAINS" for Sunday, and, don't worry Dad, or Colin, I'll get tickets for the FA cup final, I would like to end by sharing a poem I wrote at this evening's staff meeting, because teachers have to do homework too.

Complex, simple,
Efficiently, easily, emotionally,
Scribbled, heard, felt, meant...

That is all.