Thursday, 20 May 2010

Chopin versus Jam-and-Spoon

It may sound like a purist's nightmare, but those were the two tracks I downloaded last night, after being reminded of the former by an old stash of cassettes (cassettes - I loved em, especially that squeally noise on rewind in your walkman) and of the latter by seeing a middle aged man in an inappropriate hat. And, no Bailie, I was not looking in the mirror.

Les Sylphides, the Chopin selection I "legally borrowed" from t'internet, has a lot to say about our current journey. To begin with, it sounds a bit chaotic. In the second movement, it begins to form an order - a slightly dishevelled, tie-askance kind of order but shape and form none the less. Then, the turbulence, questions are asked, notions are challenged, but from it all, the order returns, stronger and more harmonious than before. Then, at its climax, once things are correct, in place, as they should be, with an unshakeable foundation of clarity, all players move in syncopated motion and deliver somthing simple, sublime, unremarkable, yet magnificent.

I like that I do.

As for Jam and Spoon, that is nothing at all like our current journey. It reminds me of being a spotty, blonde (yes, blonde, and not chemically blonde) teenager who used to take the newspaper to nightclubs to read during all the grunge stuff. Not exactly romantic, but, oh, the stories I could tell...

30 years on, by the way, you are remembered Ian Curtis. RI exceptionally calm P. I hope your troubled soul found some rest.

So, what have I learned this week.

- Sorry, but I will not tolerate those low standards of work.
- I am less sorry, but will still not tolerate appalling behaviour;
- To people just like that shy little girl in my office this evening, I meant what I said, and I will do everything to keep my promise;
- To parents like the one in my office this evening, ditto, and tell me if I don't;
- Year 6, your work is awesome;
- Maths paper B was vile. Utterly, utterly vile;
- Miss PW couldn't do maths paper B;
- Jess P can wither you with a look... or is that Jess Withers...?
- Shelby can do the bull dog like the best of em... so can Kane... so can Chantelle...
- Year 1 are amazing at poetry.

So to end it all, two announcements.

1. James MIlner is worth more than £20 million.

2. Someone called Mrs Dibble is back next week.

That is all.

(Psst, by the way John, it's Dean Friedman.)