Friday, 7 May 2010

I haven't heard the Blow Monkeys in years...

... but, thanks to the Big Hits of the 80s, I have been reliving my teenage years like you wouldn't believe. Kylie, Bros, and, dare I say it, Brother Beyond. Even I had hair and teeth then.

So, having finally found exactly the correct tie combination for my new candy stripe shirt, and my prediction about the Lib Dems not doing anything bearing financial fruit, I look forward to another weekend of Just dance on the Wii, and getting up too early to play In the Night Garden with Thea. And with it, a think about what we have learned this week.

We have learned:

- I don't like playing Mr Grumpy, but nor I am I prepared to tolerate low expectations;
- I will play Mr Grumpy if I think people's expectations are too low;
- Miss Walmsley doesn't like the word humongous;
- I am rubbish on the new whiteboards;
- My Maths group like Monster munch;
- So do I (not technically a new fact, but worth a remention);
- All Kane's are funny blokes;

Final weekend of the season. Up the Villa. That is all.