Thursday, 24 June 2010

Please, please, please forgive me...

... for not blogging for while. I have had the small matter of a WORLD CUP to watch, whilst trying to read several hundred reports, write the school improvement plan and rid Thea of this annoying mud habit she has developed (all over our new white walls, I almost wept). Still here I am, just in time for Glastonbury, Wimbledon and ENGLAND VS GERMANY.

So, what have I learned recently.

Readership of this humble blog is wide ranging.
Report reading and football watching, surprisingly, do go together.
That in Afghanistan, 3 cups of tea is a very important milestone.
That year 6, when they put their mind to it, really can write.
So can Year 1.
Reception's results are amazing.
That some people are very interested in the number of swimming costumes to take on camp.
That shouting at people on the telly does not necessarily enhance the performance of people over 6,000 miles away at the time, even at my volume.

And what has the world cup taught us do you think? How about

That surprises and shock results still make us smile.
That someone showing absolute passion and enjoyment for the game can overcome the hatred of years of resentment.
That a good goal, whoever scores it and what ever its aftermath, is a good goal, and worth watching several times.
That a man in tears due to how proud he is to wear his country's colours is a deeply humbling moment.
That an act of kindness and sportsman (or sportswoman) ship will always win over even the meanest hearted critic.

Keep watching. COME ON ENGLAND.

That is all.

Get well soon Mr V.