Friday, 2 July 2010

So this is ...

... the week before school camp. Am I excited? Am I looking forward to it? Am I up for the challenge?

Well, I am, and I hope everyone else is as it's going to be AWESOME. Or, in the (new) words of year 4, brilltastic! Although, I'm wondering how many pairs of flip flops should a modern man pack for one week? And will year 6 laugh at my pink tshirts? (And, do I care?)

So what have we learned this week?

That Lewis is awesome, and we all hope his awesome-ness rubs off on the rest of us.

That year 5 know an awful lot about space and about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

That Skype is not a made up word, but a brilliant device for teaching and learning (and gags).

That England simply couldn't handle the pressure, and we can now enjoy the world cup without feeling pressurised.

That Mary Poppins is evil.

Have a brilliant camp everyone. And, if you're not going to camp, have a fantastic science week.

That is all.