Thursday, 4 November 2010

"Please will you tune my ukulele?"

So, we reach term 2, when my application for the Ukulele Orchestra of GB is still in draft form, and when we dig out our winter coats (I'd forgotten what it was like to have wet hair. But then, as most of you keep pointing out, I'd forgotten what it was like to have hair.).

So, what have we learned since last we blogged?

Well, we must first and foremost pay massive kiss on both cheeks to our friends at Sketty. Those people waiting to watch McFly realised they'd put money on the wrong horse after hearing us. It was a pleasure and a joy to make new friends, and hear such wonderful voices. We weren't bad either. Thank you so much for our present (please come and see year 6's brilliant display to read / see / hear all about it).

Well, what else?
  • Key stage 2 can make a toilet messy, but, according to the scores for the last two days, they also know how to make a gig change and a big difference;
  • Key Stage 1 like a firework;
  • EYFS like a jungle (but, don't we all);
  • Some adults around here need higher standards; fortunately, I have them for them;
  • That 'F' to 'G' chord change is easy if you're year 6;
  • That we do know how to improve attendance - we did it! (Now, we have to keep doing it...)

So, have a fab firework weekend. Please, please, please stay safe, and let the grown ups do the lighting. I want to hear 250 fabulous stories, from 250 fully fit and fine friends.

That is all.