Thursday, 2 December 2010

And since we've no place to go...

Yes, yes, yes, I may have been a tad premature last Friday in saying we'd get no snow, but, let's be honest, in comparison to much of the country, we've had more dandruff than we've had snow.

My mother in law was stuck on a train for four hours on Tuesday. Twenty hours too little in my opinion. (RIVery Well Deserved P Les Dawson).

So, in the couple of weeks since I last leapt blindly into the blogoshpere, what have we learned?

- I still can only tolerate Christmas at Christmas time; Ru got me to watch the Polar Express on Saturday 27th - too early mate, way too early.
- That, despite this, I still like to see December 1st come around.
- Year 6 can play a mean uke.
- Children of all ages can sing like the bomb if they truly want to.
- The staffroom is freezing.
- My ears can not stand the cold in the way they once did.

At this point, if I am to follow blogition, I would make some witty comment about the Villa. I shall merely point my comments at the sub human savages who chose, quite deliberately, to embarrass my home city with a public act of thugery. Violence and football cannot live side by side, and I know which one the populus prefers. If you want to act like that, don your caveman outfit and head out to the hills, you have no place in our beautiful games. Muppets.

That, sadly, is all.

PS I honestly am looking forward to next week, when the Chrimbo stuff will kick off. Good luck everyone - I'm very proud of you.