Thursday, 6 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Greetings one and all and welcome to 2011 - the best year of your life, if you've a mind to make it such. I have lofty ambitions, for myself and for the school, and am looking forward to many things.

However, first of all, I'd like to invite you all to participate in the inaugural edition of the worst christmas present of the year award. My contender is a spotty oven glove, which allegedly was purchased as it "matches our mugs". Come on, beat that if you dare. Answers on a postcard to ...

So, as Mr Scaiff is walking around scratching his his head and worrying about a relegation dog fight that will never come to fruition (surely the bluenoses will go down before us?!?) and Taylor Iles and Freddie Grierson fight out a baby sumo contest, what are you looking forward to this year? What are your ambitions? Aspirations? What triumphs do you plan? If you haven't thought about it yet, shouldn't you? My friends spent all of new year planning what they're going to give up. As I said, once again, you shouldn't give something up, you should take something up. And they ignored me. Once again.

What have we learned in this very short week?
  • That year 3 do know how to behave in assembly, and they have so far done it marvellously.
  • That year 6 need to remember how to treat people, especially the adults.
  • That the whole school can whisper brilliantly in assembly.
  • That praise is........
Apparently, the snow is on its way again. Good job I never let her put the sledge back in the loft...

That is all.