Thursday, 13 January 2011

When illusion spin her net...

Greetings fellow travellers round the blog of our edusphere.

Having walked around the school several times this week, and been smugly delighted at how pupils and classes have been settling down to tasks so well and so enthusiastically, and having seen the amount of work going on in some of the books, I reach (almost) the end of a very satisfying week.

The school, the leaders, and indeed myself, have worked to get a number of heavyweight tasks completed, and then some. But, above all, what have we learned?

  • Year 1 / 2 can select exactly the right time to get working, and when to get some help;
  • Year 2 can make the most amazing books for children;
  • Reception and nursery sure do know how to eat fruit;
  • Year 3 and 4 love their robots, and year 3's books are getting better and better;
  • Year 5 can draw;
  • Year 6 love symmetry... a little too much;
  • No one likes coming into assembly late;
  • Year 3 have been the best in assembly again...just;
  • Year 1 really can do some amazing maths.

For once, I could go on and on. But first of all, a question:

How bonkers are Miss Andrews and her running club? Several thousand miles of the field in the pouring rain... and they were smiling! Is this natural? Legal? You wouldn't find me in a pair of white denim cut offs and a "Frankie says..." t shirt on such an evening.

Year 3 and 4 - my entry for the robot hall of fame would have to be the one from Battle of the planets - 7 Zark 7. (and no, I did not fancy the girl from G-Force.. well, maybe just a little bit. I got a lot of use out of that "I love Princess" t-shirt in the 1980s). Might I also enter a plea for Twiki, the robot from Buck Rodgers, who could dance. Yes, that's DANCE! How about Cy from Battlestar Galactica? Or Marvin the paranoid android? For that matter, what about paranoid android by Radiohead? I always preferred "I think I'm paranoid" by Garbage myself. Oh dear, appear to have meandered a bit. Soz.

So, as I lurch into another argument with the top year 6 group about the number of interior angles in a decagon, may I wish you all a good weekend, and a happy second half of January.

That is all.