Thursday, 7 July 2011

Happy, happy campers

Although we have been in constant communication with school, and I am delighted with how well the trips have gone, and of course, we all screamed at the brilliant news on Tuesday (more of this later), allow me if you will to concentrate this blog on our Exmouth camp this week.

New challenges have been faced by all, from managing personal hygiene, to flinging oneself from a bridge. My fellow campers - the princess of Darkness, Tall lad and Messa Sims - and I have been repeatedly impressed, amazed and proud of the successes and achievements of the gang this week. Some of our highlights have been:

- Holly Hulin (allegedly) attacking anything that moved, before annihilating all at musical statues;

- Lewis' quite monumental bedwear;

- Vic and Bob's appearance on the camp, disguised as Jessica and Kelsey;

- The intestinal fortitude of Miss Sims, who dislocated her own shoulder, then popped it back in Mel Gibson stylee;

- Finlay's dancing - see it to believe it;

- Mr Scaiff refusing to abseil down a bridge, until coerced by orchestrated chicken clucking from the year 6 gallery;

- Jess' myriad verbal attacks on Mr W;

- The Scaiffmeister in a wetsuit - step back ladies, he's taken;

- George's pull on the rest of the planet;

- Inker's skimboarding, and the way he has sensitively and beautifully managed some difficult situations for other people;

- Blake and Jake's matching pjs and blossoming friendship;

- Luke "Legend", Harrison "Nobody", Jess and Kelsey "Vic and Bob" for all surfing, yes I mean proper surfing a la Point Break;

- Maid Macy Marion's archery, and Summer's double archery / rifle bullseyes;

- Elisha's skill at being someone as amazing as Elisha;

- Everyone who had the courage to climb over and then abseil down that horrible, horrible bridge in that horrible, horrible weather;

- Princess's ability to lay an ostrich egg;

- Ellie and Jodie taking on responsibility for caring for someone who desperately needed it, but did not know;

- Bethany for being a proper mentalist, including barking at the fatboy for not dancing correctly;

- Lewis Ramsey repeatedly being an ambassador for our school;

- The way Ethan Prince has responded to challenge, and for his amazing one liners;

- Blake's world record trampolining, all in his own lunchtime;

- The fact we have had an entire week without a single fallout, disappointment or let down.

Everyone has contributed to the quality of this camp, without a shadow of doubt the best I have ever been involved in, and it is a testament to the calibre of these fine individuals from years 5 and 6. We cannot thank you all enough.

But I'll try.

Thank you. All. Very, very much. From the bottom of my very proud heart.

That is all.

PS Colston Hall was awesome. Well done people.

PPS Exceedingly good news announced next week. Watch this space...