Thursday, 16 June 2011

Did I mention I was in the Evening Post?

Alex McLeish? I mean, Alex McLeish? Yes, I know what you're thinking, but allow me just to pose one question: Alex McLeish? The only thing he could win is points at Scrabble with that X. (Naturally, Scottish trophies do not count south of Durham.) Hmmm. In the words of an infamous tractor daredevil "I am not, I am Not, Happy".

Anyway, rant over, allow me to continue, for there is joyful news in the world with the release of a new Bon Iver album, and, of course in the Evening Post where our school is spoken of very highly. My wife has, apparently, 'facebooked' it. Charming, but I have no idea what that actually means, so, bless.

But, even better than that, the school has not stopped since the inspection, oh no no no. EYFS (yes, those clever little ones) have recorded results far above and beyond what we expected. And key stage 1( those clever medium sized ones) have done, so I hear, remarkably well in their key satge 1 SATs. Furthermore, the displays and the books in key stage 2 were very impressive this evening. So, it looks as if we will continue to strive to meet our own ambitious goals by the end of the year. Sounds familiar.

Please weather people, be nice to us tomorrow.

Not Alex McLeish mind.

That is all.