Friday, 20 May 2011

Well, that was a wierd week or two...

Morning bloghoppers. Apologies for the blogoshpere silence these past weeks, but we've just been a tad on the busy side.

Our visitors (yes, those visitors) left us last week very impressed with what they saw, and we are awaiting their report to share with the community, the Evening Post, and , indeed, the world. Since their departure, the energy levels in the school seem to have dipped, and I think one or two adults are VERY MUCH LOOKING FORWARD to a looming holiday, but we have an academic year to complete, challenges still to meet, and targets waiting to be met.

So, what have we learned after this fornight of introspection?

No-one, and I mean no-one, except for a bloke from the Times, is interested in caving. No-one.

Key Stage 1 have some very odd, Sendak inspired dreams.

Nursery and reception get better at writing all the time.

A 2l pop bottle is never ever just a 2l pop bottle. Simply add some food colouring, a swoosh (technical term; those who need to know know) of ribbons, ...

The rainforest, as depicted in pastels, is a beautiful place indeed.

Our attendance figures strive through adversity (100% for SATs week. Awesome. Let's all go caving....)

All joking aside, very well done year 6. Your turn next year 2.

That is all.