Thursday, 10 November 2011

A black and white flag denotes ...?

So, having once again forgotten my kit for running club, I am forced at biscuit point to get on with the blog. Not that I want people to think that being this witty, erudite, badinage is a chore, no, no, no, no. It's just that there are more difficult ways of securing a biscuit.

Anyway, into term 2 and what do we find. Attendance is slipping (doh!), displays are amazing (yeah!) and work, as ever, continues onwards and upwards. I have had the pleasure (and colleagues, I use that word deliberately) of enjoying and joining in with several lessons in the course of the last two weeks, and I have seen some amazing stuff. History, PE, art, garage building, skeleton making, firework impersonating (I kid you not), it has all been nothing short of brilliant.

So what have we learned?

- Year 5 and 6 know their flags (and, thanks to them, so do years 3 and 4);
- Years 1 and 2 know a thing or two about bones, and not all entirely human ...
- EYFS know plenty about construction, and about treasure hunting;
- Year 3 appear to know a lot about pizza;
- Year 1 can do the most amazing graphs and charts;
- Year 5can as well;
- Year 4 are, quite simply, mesmerising at a front straddle. (Honest.)

In between we've learned a lot about cake, soup, and, at the risk of repeating oneself, (skeleton) biscuits. And it's not even Children in Need day...

That is all.