Monday, 28 November 2011

Who kicked a whole in the sky...

Why are we teaching these wonderful children Status Quo? Why oh why oh why oh why... Surely there are other three chord monkeys more deserving of our tonal derision. What next, Christmas songs by septegenarian legends? No, no and thrice no.

So anyway, what have we learned since last we blogged? (One thing we've definitely learned is that is you press the publish button too quickly, your entire blog is wiped out. Very interesting that was...) We have learned that, no, we have re-learned that our community are incredibly generous, once again showing their kindness for Children in Need. Once again, I have been reminded that, when asked to show a little respect, our children will always show a lot - the silence at remembrance was deeply, deeply moving and humbling.

So what else have we learned?

- Year 6 can really, really write.
- Year 5 love a puppet.
- Year 4 have to be asked, politely, at clockhand point, to stop working ... no stop ... no please stop ... no, please, we really mean it ... Oh okay, we'll stay in and work through playtime, again.
- Year 3 know how to look after new friends, if not older ones;
- Year 2 can write in the most amazing paragraphs;
- Year 1's phonics are incredible;
- Reception and nursery have the most amazing set of learning skills, and amaze me just about every day.

And, as we hurtle tinsel-laden towards "festive" activity, let us all take a step back and consider the sensitivities of slightly chubby skinheads the world over, but from Birmingham in particular, and acknowledge that singing "Wizzard" repeatedly from the 23rd November is not, necessarily, a good idea (Ruben). December 23rd, well then they join in...

Well done on a super November friends. That is all.