Friday, 27 January 2012

The lady said they were from the world's number one university, I said "And I'm from Birmingham, pleased to meet you."

January is almost gone, and we are 1 / 12th into the battle over a new year. How's it been for you so far? Cold? Well, winter does do that...

We've now had four weeks of term 3, with just two to go, and I am perpetually staggered by the work going on around the school. This week, observing lessons as I have, I have seen massive pieces of art in creation, electronic music in composition, mathematical problems in solution, and lengthy writing in edition. Furthermore, I have been delighted to see work coming in from home - dragons, writing, pictures, all independently started and finished (with the help of some extremely talented parents and grandparents). Praise assemblies at the moment are a joy because we hear so many positive and pleasing stories. I heard an amazing story today of one of our reception children, who was clearly unwell, determined to come to school to receive the praise he rightly deserved for learning all his words - by all accounts, he was waiting by the front door of his house! So all in all, we're not cold, just extremely busy.

What have we learned in the last fortnight? Well, today we have learned, or simply remembered, that year 5 do not like it when their teacher is out of class, and think that the rules of the school suddenly no longer apply. I hope that they have learned this afternoon, that this is simply not the case. I think Miss Norman may have a word or two to say come Monday morning..

Besides that, what do we now know that we didn't before?

Year 6 (and 5 when they're in the mood) are amazing artists. Dare I even say cool?

Year 3 and 4 can really crack on with that maths when they put their minds to it.

Year 1 and 2 know a thing or two about dragons (and about making them)

Reception know how to be a dragon, to an incredibly consistent rhythm.

But these observations do not even skim the learned surface of the pudding of academia we have feasted upon in the last few weeks, and we shall not stop there. Next week there are meetings for all the grown ups about helping all our children to become even better readers (as well as a few other meetings...)

Have a funky February everyone.

That is all