Thursday, 9 February 2012

Or Worry, about February...

Half a year, half a year, half a year onward, into the valley of learning, pedagogy, progress, innnovation, energy, commitment, fun rode the 228 (rising to 239 if you count the nursery children)...

Three years ago, the evening before the February half term, I was head of a very different school. We had no special needs provision, limited progress, a curriculum so thin you could hold it up to the light and see ... the light, and attendance so poor - on all levels - that we had more empty chairs than a Fabio Capello Q&A session at Whitehart Lane. Now, we have special needs children outperforming the national average (oh yes we do Miss Andrews), good to outstanding progress across all areas, a curriculum that features Banksy, Traction Man, the trachea, pirates, dragon's eggs, winged beings, creating digital music, and ... Dizzee Rascal. Furthermore, our attendance, if continued, will beat last year's record breaking 91.4% by some considerable way.

Where will we be three years hence? On the eve of the mid point of the 2014 / 5 school year?

All plans for the hovercar are to be put back into geeky wardrobes, and Aston Villa will not have won the Champions league ... repeatedly. But where do you think we'll be? Where do you hope we'll be? How will you ensure that? Isn't that what Aspire - Achieve - Enjoy is all about?

Oh dear, I appear to have gotten serious. I shall stop, and instead try once again to install Primary Sassoon font to this rubber band laptop (you know the pain you have wrought on me Mr V!?!) and do my homeowrk in readiness for one of my much enjoyed linguistic bouts of thought - i - ness with my mate Josh.

Well done on a brilliant half year everyone. Are you going to rest on your laurels, or look upon your works, say "Nah,", and build something even better?

Having left you something to ponder, I shall say merely, that is all.

PS Mr Bernstein, I do not want the job, thank you very much. I do not like John Terry - or any racist pig headed ( insert own defamatory noun), I can't work Wednesday nights (it will clash with badminton) and I simply will not take the pay cut. All the best.