Friday, 27 April 2012

Two weeks in

When I said, at the height of the Indian Summer last September, "Please will you get me an umbrella?", my wife looked at me like I'd asked for an umbrella at the height of an indian summer.  Who's smiling now, in wet trousers and shoes, eh love?  Who's smiling now...

So, two weeks on and its business as usual: amazing work, incredible behaviour, and ambassadors who have made us proud to belong to Badock's Wood.  Year 4 science, year 1 and 2 hedgehog posters and reports, year 6 maths, year 3 letter writing, year 5 ...pretty much everything - it has all been really impressive.  We asked some people last week to turn their behaviour around - they have done it, in spades.  Year 1 and 2 had a trip to the zoo on Tuesday - without getting wet! - and were all apparently amazing.  To cap it all off, we have been joined by 4 new friends this week in years 2, 3 and 4, all of whom have proven to be, in the words of Mr Davies, "legends" (insert own Welsh accent).

And has this inclement weather dampened our enthusiasm?  Thwarted us in our endeavours?  Negated our joie de vive?  Rained on our parade.  Nay, and thrice Nay Mr Bumble.  We've wet.  And got on with it.  Job, as they say, done.

In my last intrepid meanderings into Blogsville I spoke about the exciting new partnership with the Children's Centre, and the start of our joint work.  Well, we started.  My, did we ever get started.  We made a really exciting start to our project and what should be an enormous benefit to everyone.  Already, we have started to work more closely together for families and individuals.  Job, as they say, started well.

All joking aside, all I really wanted to say at this point was an enormous thank you to the 60 new colleagues who came together with such positivity and enthusiasm to embark on what promises to an exciting, ambitious journey.  And what a potential destination...

Keep dry and stay safe everyone.

That is all