Thursday, 31 May 2012

Five sixths down...

Greetings fellow travellers through the Blogosphere.

33 weeks done.  Five sixths gone.  10 / 11 months down (loosely counting).  Where has it gone?  What have we achieved?  What have we to show for our endeavours?

Well, plenty actually.  Except windows.  We've covered all of those with work.  It's darker than November by my desk at the minute.  However, to keep me company, I have a stash of work so huge it will cover several display boards, which it is going to do throughout term 6.  I also have loads of paper which doesn't want to go in any of the thousand folders I have accrued, but that is a job for tomorrow and an invention entitled bin.

So, what have we learnt since last our blogpaths crossed?

Year 1 and 2 do not like witches, but they do like Quinten Blake.  And Angelina Sprockett.  And Mr Magnolia.  And hedgehogs.  Pretty much everything except witches, if truth be told.

That year 4, despite the end of that particular topic, will not leave the bugs alone.  The bug hotel is currently busier than Fawlty Towers on a rainy jubilee holiday weekend.

Reception can write. And write. And write and write and write and write.  A lot.

Year 3 are slowly turning into legends, and a tall Welshman was quite rightly strutting around here with his RAG sheets on show like his leek on Dewi Sant.

Year 5, in their own utterly unique way, are extremely creative.

Nursery love a project.  So do the nursery children.

Finally, it is a universally acknowledged truth the country long and wide that year 6 do not like the time immediately after their SATs.  I can hear the sound of tearing even now as heads and year 6 teachers forcibly remove the hair from their heads.  Come on Year 6 - sort it out! You are better, more beautiful people than this.

(Or, scrub that and rewrite - Come on Government - sort it out! Let the children of this nation enjoy their final year of innocence, naivety, childhood without the ever looming presence of a false situation that means more to the adults than it does to them!  Who ever got refused a job because they didn't get a level 4 at the age of 11?)

Have a superb jubilee weekend and superb half term everyone.

From a tired but extremely proud and happy headteacher, that is all.