Friday, 23 November 2012

Let's send this MoBro viral!

What follows will represent a public service announcement on behalf of the B(adock's) W(ood) B(roadcasting) C(onundrum):

Dear Blogamigos,

I have logged on this evening with the notion to mention a number of things.  I intended to mention the amazing output of display work in key stage 2, the wonderful writing in key stage 1, the creativity in EYFS, the irrepressible optimism of a school community pelted and battered by the ambient conditions, the almost faultless uniform as of late, the wonderful outcomes from our music lessons, the quality of the learning environment and the general fun, not to mention the luxurious upper lip accoutrements of my fellow mo's.  (We also had some visitors last week, but, I'm sure we'll hear more of that soon.)

Yes, I logged onto this 'ere blogspot with a veritable cornucopia of bloggage to disperse, like an epostman of unadulterated joy.  My aspiration was to create an e-image of such pedagogic ground-breaking vision and boundary defying educationalism as to send our detractors into paroxyisms of apoplectic apologia (and make our fans go "Whoop" with delight).

However, I was stopped in my tracks.  Normally approaching the blogathon with the impetuosity and enthusiasm of a crash of overheated rhinos, I was sent into the mudholes of ceasation by the statistics of resistance.

Would you believe that this blog, my ramblings, a thoughtless and, let us be honest, untalented bunch of escribble, has acquired nearly 5000 views.

Nearly 5000?

What are you people doing with your time?  The television has been invented you know?  

I am humbled and staggered by the amount of views this has generated.  Perhaps some people mis-typed "mrs wilson's blag" into a search engine... 4 and a half thousand times...I don't know, but I am amazed to have received so many "hits" (without feeling a thing).

But, me being me, I always look for the next thing, the next project, the next...headlong delve into idiocy.  If there is one thing you can always rely on me for, it's a truly unnecessary, ridiculous, brainless scheme.

So, blogmates, here's your next big mission:

Send the MoBro viral!

I want to get more hits than a Korean nightclub dancer, more hits than an hilarious photo of an alsatian dog telling a joke, more hits than photos of Kylie on a night out.  The best thing is we can all achieve this together.

Pass my blog onto people you like.  It could be the gift that keeps on giving...not very much.

Even better, send it on to people you don't like.  Encourage them to send it on to people they don't like.  The whole world could be making friends they never even knew they had by sharing all of the nonsense some bloke from a tower bloke in Brum spews up everytime he sits at his laptop in the middle of the corridor at BWBC.  By sending someone you don't like something they won't like, surely we'll get the whole world singing together by Hanukkah?

I have found my niche in life at last.  My mum would be so proud.  Although, on reflection, perhaps its best she doesn't know how to use the internet.

Stay warm, dry and safe everyone.

That is all.