Friday, 7 December 2012

"OfSTED inspector you say...?"

Yes folks, it's all official now.  The report is out, the biscuits have been eaten, and the self-evaluation has been endorsed.  OfSTED visited the school in mid November and they said, quite simply:

"Badock's Wood is a good school."

They also said loads of other lovely things about the brilliant children, about the amazing staff, the superb governors and our brilliantly amazingly superb school.  They used words like "remarkable", "ultra professional", "welcoming" and "exemplary", (and, no, not in phrases such as "It would have been nice if you were ultra professional"), but in positive, affirming ways that made me not a little proud of all we have achieved.  More than any of the other 5 inspections I have undergone at Badock's Wood, this one was a whole team effort, and every single person - adult and child - played their part to perfection.

Most pleasing for me, the inspectors saw the real us - all our faults, all our wobbly bits, and all the amazing stuff we manage to do every single day.  OFSTED has its critics, but I have to say that this was yet another fair and open inspection by a group of people who wanted nothing more than to help us get even better.

The report went live on the OfSTED website yesterday, and with it, the start of the next exciting stage of the amazing journey that is the Badock's Wood improvement story.  All I can say is

Thank you, from the very bottom of my 
swelled-to-bursting-with-pride heart.

As for the future, that is by no means, or even in your wildest dreams, all.

That is all.

PS Coming soon, the second annual Willis Christmas Essay (sponsored by Aldi wine)