Friday, 12 July 2013

Fini - Day 5 (Will he do it? Reprise)

Traffic jams come in many sizes.  Baring in mind the scale of everything we've done this week - i.e. monster - it comes as no surprise that we were stuck in a monster of a jam.  However, this will not and does not mar the overall view of camp 2013; it is still being hailed as "totes amaze-balls" by one.

Many people asked me today about my big decision.  A girl of my size never says never, but I am going to polish the baton in the event of its likely passing on.  Whatever the weather, a 5th camp deserves marking, so I would like to thank all of my co-pilots down the years.

Roll of Honour:

Walmsley (2 tours)
Sims / Brown (3 tours)
Correia (Mr)
Dark (Princess of -ness)
Correia (Miss) (2 tours)

Furthermore, I would pay tribute to those who have been in the role of delivering our services.  Special mentions to

Andy & Rosie (and all the Essential Adventure gang)
Mark Briggs
Hannah and Roy

Finally in this section, thank you to Exmouth itself.  You have always welcomed us, looked after us, cared for us, and been glad to see us leave (I wouldn't blame you).  The rain may visit elsewhere in the world; Exmouth, to me, will always mean sunshine.

So, allow me to leave the final words to what I love the most: music.

The following lines should be sung to the tune of "King of Rock'n'roll" by the immortal Prefab Sprout.

All our crazy preteen angst
Doesn't stop us off'ring thanks
To those stars who filled our tanks
As we peer out on each morn
An adventure has been born
Opportunities galore
To tease me
Zigs zags, wet shoes
Beach barbecue
Gore Lane
Exmouth camp
Home of our dreams
Dream helps us recall
The joy of water sport
The beach, the scene, the hall
Five and six painted the town
Daring to leap and surf (and drown)
How will we ever live it down?
Archers, rifles
Take aim
Gold spot!
Gore Lane
Exmouth camp
Home of our dreams
Now the coach has been, and back
All our soiled clothes unpacked
I'll remind you of the fact:
How we took a group of teams
And exceeded all their dreams
Whilst we captured all their beams
Low ropes old floats 
"This is heaven sir!"
Zip wire
Gore Lane
Exmouth camp
Home of our dreams  (repeat to fade into the sunlight)

Thank you all.
Bless you all.
That is all?