Thursday, 3 March 2011

Is that song really about a saucepan?

Greetings to the second half of this academic year blogonauts. I hope it finds you well, refreshed from your rest.

Today, I broke most of key stage 2's hearts by giving them all a homework book, but then made them all happy by telling them they were off the hook (yesssssssssssssss!) until next week (ohhhhhhhhhhh!).

Then, we took year 6 off to stars of a previous blogpost - Sketty Primary School in Swansea. And, my, what a welcome. Our friends were what they always are - friendly. We had loads of fun singing and dancing, eating (a lot - nice Welsh cakes) and generally enjoying a wonderful experience. I could listen to those guys sing all (St David's) week. Mr Rees and the gang, thank you so much. Even before the coach tipped us back on this side of the bridge, year 6 were talking about having you back at the wood.

So, at the start of the second half of the year, what have we learned?

Year 1 are amazing writers.
Year 2 are amazing readers.
Reception can create the most amazing story maps.
Year 4 need to be more amazing when Mr V isn't in class.
Year 5 are amazing on computers, whether its publishing slave trade era newspapers, or programming lighthouses to switch on and off, conserve energy, make toast and save the world - all whilst washing its own windows.
Nursery are amazing at creating displays for their corridor.
Year 3 can, when pushed, do some amazing pattern spotting in maths.

And of course, year 6 are amazing, and I really do mean amazing, singers. Well done gang - except for some weird coach behaviour, you really represented the school well today.

Well done Mr Scaiff.

Until next time, that is all.