Monday, 21 March 2011

It's all getting tight down at the bottom of the table..

.. and all of a sudden every game becomes a six pointer. Didn't want it to get this close. Oh dear...

Anyway, on to more pleasant matters. Red Nose Day saw participation levels at Badock's Wood climbing yet again, with a brilliant turn out for our mad hair day. the count as of Friday night was £127.28, but we still have money coming in, which is amazing. Well done everyone. As I drove home that evening, listening to other peoples' silliness, and how they had raised money, I couldn't work out who'd done any better. Photos will be crash landing in reception very soon.

I spent some time in key stage 1 last week. WOW! The books down there are utterly amazing, and the work the children are completing, even though some of them are still only 5, is pretty awesome.

EYFS learners are also turning out some amazing work, and I was delighted to see them this morning talking about what they are most proud of in the learning journals.

And, although it might sound a little blase, when they were applying themselves last week, key stage 2 were really showing some good work. I have some writing on my desk at the moment that is amazing. Not only that, it has been brilliant marked by another child before the teacher got the chance to comment.

Very, very pleasing indeed. So, what have we learned?

Read above. That is all.

Have a great week everyone.

That is all.